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Fanatic Guitars

Production guitars is our great passion. Therefore the name Fanatic - Guitars. We are big perfectionist. Sound and craftsmanship is our absolute priority. The guitars install only their hardware from the best manufacturers in the world. Our guitars are 100% custom products. You are not bound due to the different models galleries. All you can control. If you do not choose the designs presented on this website, we can design your own shape. Custom design is free of charge. You can influence the pickups, used wood and hardware. We only use wood with a beautiful drawing. All wood is naturally dry and mature. Our suppliers are from Germany, USA and Tasmania. We are able to get any wood from around the world. (If not protected under CITES) Acoustic properties of wood I am interested in about twenty years. In addition to building guitars is my hobby  high - end and Hi - Fi technology. Therefore deal with recording and subsequent reproduction. I'm trying for years to penetrate the mysteries of sound as much as possible.










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